© 2004  Robert Bogan



Zachary Curtis and William Duran were eleven years old when
they met in gym class, and they remained close friends for
nearly ten years.  As university students they shared a room in
a cooperative dormitory where both were attracted to a coed
named Tamar Cohn.  To Duran’s frustration, Tamar chose not
him but his friend, even after Zachary Curtis succumbed to the
unhealthy influence of another dorm resident, Clark Mentin.  At
the darkest hour, Tamar and Duran pulled Zachary back from
the brink of oblivion.  Then abruptly Tamar returned to
Flagstaff without finishing the semester and without telling
anyone she was pregnant.

Bonnell Vespers begins twenty-five years later, with a phone
call to William Duran from Tamar Cohn Rosabi, recently
widowed.  Tamar has flown from Tel Aviv to Austin in an
attempt to prevent her son Asher from finding and killing his
biological father, Zachary Curtis.

Relying on memories and instinct, Duran locates Curtis who
has lived as a fugitive for the past two and a half decades.  In
1966 Zachary Curtis had been an unwitting and unwilling
accomplice in a series of unsolved abductions that the headlines
remembered as the Nueces Rapes.  While attempting to protect
this frail stranger, Duran labors to verify the facts that underlie
the confession.  Duran comes close to being charged with the
crimes himself.

Finally Duran brings the truth to light.  Zachary Curtis leaves
his refuge and encounters Asher Rosabi, the son obsessed with
killing him.