Robert Bogan                                           Austin, Texas                         © 2004  Robert Bogan
Music star Tom Cody sends his bodyguard, Buck Duran, on a
mission to help locate a woman who disappeared a week earlier.  
From a variety of witnesses in and around Austin, Duran gathers
contradictory images of the missing woman, plus a list of suspects
-- one of whom is connected to a computer research consortium.

A clinic based on a Llano County ranch becomes the focus of
Duran's search.  Attempting to gain information he falls into the
hands of a corrupt law officer.  After a few hours in jail Duran
goes to his eccentric cousin Rait Smith.

With Rait's help Duran penetrates the ranch at night; they find
and rescue the missing woman who tells Duran about her
experience in captivity.  The clinic is being used for illegal
activities including drug smuggling.

Meanwhile a warrant has been issued for Duran's arrest in the
murder of a Texas Ranger.  At the same time, one of Duran's
own  suspects disappears -- the one who works with the
computer research consortium.       

Rait Smith convinces Duran they must go to the ranch again to
clear Duran's name, help a friend, and make a grab for a fortune
in loose drug money.  Buck and Rait gain an ally and the three of
them invade the ranch a final time.

At the moment of his escape, they surprise the prime mover, a
freelance spy whose operation has been to blackmail consortium
officials with drugs and sex, and steal computer research secrets.